It’s true! And not because I am pregnant…


As I prepare myself and my family for a move half way across the country, I have started to realize what big changes we are facing and how this lines up with the support needed during pregnancy and childbirth. There are definite and distinct similarities and as the date draws closer and tensions rise, I think my whole family could use a little doula-ing. Especially me!


So I ask myself – what support would I be offering a client?


First and foremost, remembering to breathe. Moments of anxiety can creep up when thinking about all of the unknowns ahead. Dynamics between family members can become unpredictable as everyone is dealing with a huge array of emotions on a daily basis. It does me well to remember to slow down for a moment and take some deep breaths to calm and ground myself.


Where’s the road map!?!

Planning for the unknown. As much as I like to consider each and every logistical aspect of our travels, my partner has to remind me not to over plan! There is something to be said maintaining a sense of adventure and being ok with not knowing what is ahead. I want a doula to tell me what life will be like, to reassure me that it’s all going to be alright, that we are not making a mistake by deciding to uproot our family and seek new ground to settle on. Can anyone tell me what the future holds? I know, I know – I can only take each step and each moment as it comes, allow space for things to evolve and take shape as they need to, and accept help when it is offered.



Feel all the feelings. There sure are a lot of them. Each person in my family shows different emotions bubbling to the surface every day. And what about those that are brewing beneath the surface? I know that it does no one any good to keep them suppressed. I know that emotions are like water – they simply must flow somewhere. I am trying to let there be space for them all, to validate what comes up and to keep the lines of communication open.


I can do this. We can do this.


Wait… did I just doula myself?


I have the sneaking suspicion that I will have to do that more than once in the coming months.

Wish us luck! You can now find me through Toronto Family Doulas.