Here are some kind words from our clients.

“Knowing of Sarah’s expertise, dedication and reputation as a wonderful doula, we asked her to attend the home birth of our baby.”

We were so happy to have her caring assistance through the whole journey. When we had questions, Sarah directed us to quality information sources. When we had fears, she helped us explore our feelings and options to find peace. And when we talked of our birth visions, she helped us consider elements that would contribute to our ideas and also to consider how we could still have a fulfilling birth experience if things didn’t go quite as we hoped. During labour, Sarah’s presence was a gift. John felt a calming encouragement from being able to pick up gentle cues from her of how he could support me. The best part was that she smiled the kindest smile you could imagine. Each time I saw that smile I knew I was doing well, everything was going well, and something joyful was in progress.

– Katie

 Hiring Sarah is the best thing we did to prepare for our daughter’s birth!

As first time parents, Sarah instantly put my husband and I at ease, answered our questions, and gave us the confidence we needed to have a natural birth. Sarah is a wealth of information, incredibly compassionate, non-judgemental, and trustworthy. Sarah played a very important role during my labour & delivery and helped me have a beautiful, empowering birth!

– Crystal

 What would I have done during my labour and birth without Sarah Minty at my side?

I feel so deeply lucky that I don’t have to imagine it. Irreverent and funny at just the right moments, reverent and graceful at the other right moments, Sarah had uncannily great instincts, both physically and emotionally, but always followed my lead (unless I was lost!). She helped me to slow down into the time-out-of-time that is childbirth. She helped me to plumb my depths and find strength I didn’t know I had. She helped me create the exact environment of warmth and greatheartedness I had envisioned for my son to born into. And because she brings so much clear joy and calm purpose to her role as a doula, I never felt beholden or self-conscious. Sarah is clearly meant to do this in the world, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

– Alayna

Sarah was everything we wanted in a doula.

She was patient, kind, calm, confident, reliable, available, interested and interesting, knowledgeable, positive, non-judgemental, supportive… The list goes on. Her presence allowed John to be my husband and friend, and I think it took some of the pressure off of him. Also, her presence didn’t lessen his role in any way, it just gave him support. As soon as I met Sarah, I knew she was the doula I wanted. We really couldn’t recommend her more highly.

– Kim

I felt very much at ease leading up to, and throughout my labour, knowing that I had someone experienced and trustworthy by my side.

Having Sarah there made me confident that I was going to be able to achieve my birth goals of a natural, intervention-free birth, and that I was safe and looked after. I was provided with educational, evidence-based resources, as well as books that I found very helpful in preparing for my birth. Sarah has a calming presence and a nurturing manner. Sarah was a wonderful support for both my husband and I as we welcomed our first baby into the world.

 – Melissa

Sometimes no matter how well you plan things, they can start to veer off course and go a bit haywire.

When that happens during childbirth, it is important to keep your cool, stay focused and (hopefully) take energy from a good support team. I was an integral part of the support team for the birth of my third child, however, I could not have been as hands-on if it hadn’t been for Sarah Minty, our amazing doula. Sarah was calm, reliable, strong, attentive and kind. She helped my wife and I relax, and the experience was all the better because she was there.

– John

Sarah is a DONA certified birth doula and a pre-certified ProDoula postpartum doula.

She has completed Dancing for Birth™ Instructor training, Pregnancy and Infant Loss training, and advanced doula training workshops with Melissa Cowl, Penny Simkin, ProDoula and Spinning Babies. She currently lives in Toronto with her lovely partner and two hilarious children.

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